New Growth

by Red Wood

Funhouse 02:24
To fake our way through broken reflections The funhouse mirror tells a different tale And you can create your own obsession Of what you want the tale to tell The cracks grow wider and seeps through? A distorted vision of what you feel to be true And the difference you see is the gap between the truth and the lies Lies lies lies Lie to yourself but it all becomes clearer Staring back at you in the funhouse mirror You always see what you want to see A place reflection of what we cannot be And the funhouse becomes a prison Of distorted visions and recycled decisions Egos are bruised by reflections past And bruises are cut by shards of glass And the mirror is broken We can no longer pretend A distorted vision of what you feel to be true We pretend that we like the look in each other's eyes
Cacophony 03:27
This ringing is louder than ever before Reverberates through stain glass halls Cacophony bounces off the walls And settles in a fog hanging over the floor You remember this tone from when you were young A fire branded protest song When there was a pulse that could not be ignored And no one really knew what they were yelling for We still to beat to stop our hearts so we can catch out breath Just to make that we don't all fall off the ledge Down into the chasm where cacophony resounds And we can rearrange the texts To form a new sound These venues are our temples And any shrine will do My alter is a microphone from Which I can spew Into waiting masses to soak up all the gospel A peaceful message that always grows hostile And as the sound starts to take hold again The holy notes become your only friend The ghostly specter that can never be seen A horrific reminder Of what faith really means You said you'd put your life Into the sound inside your ears But like all who have faith You've only shown your fears Cacophony becomes you special facade And the biggest fear: You have to make your own god
The Trip 03:01
I woke up in a dream Blinded by what I could not see The colors swirled in kaleidoscopes Of perfect harmony The stages of this journey Are hallmarks of your sanity Crippled by the ruins of your tattered reality And it trails off into the ether And the hole that you've dug gets deeper And the trip you take will alter From decisions that you make One step will make a timeline that you can never break And the apparitions that you see Are all the ghosts of apathy As they close your eyes and shut your mouth Now the trip is going south I woke up in a nightmare Surrounded by the vacant stares Of a thousand present demons Surrogates for my feelings And when you feel it out You'll find your path in doubt Illuminated by neon signs That will tell you what its all about We are mere animals Gnarled into nature's machinery That turns ones and zeros Into blood and marrow We are creatures Of habit and circumstance Thrown into the wilderness To see how long we last. And the effervescent sounds Of the clouds as they roll in Remind you of the certainty That the trip will never end
You've got a product, and properly labeled It looks so much better when it sits in our stable And the market is flush with such eager talent And the hand will come through, to push out the defiant And all of the pieces are moved into position And the invisible hand takes another victim Major chords play effigy so that we know The culture is a vulture and it's picking our bones Sign on a line, make up an excuse Your soul may be searching, but your head is in a noose And the rope it grows tighter when you find in the end That your art is expendable And the hand swipes again And all of these pawns are moved into position And the invisible hand takes another victim Major chords play effigy so that you know The culture is a vulture and it's picking my bones The end result is never the end when you find That the need to make more is the need to define The need to keep moving the need to say afloat. Even as the hand gets it's clutches on your throat


released January 21, 2015


all rights reserved



Don't Look Down San Francisco, California

A record label based in San Francisco. Run by friends for friends.

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