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Yesterday's News

by Strike to Survive

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Born with a wick of patience that won't last in a roman candle burning fast a flawless record of plastic smiles and counterfeit interactions I wonder why it's taken so long to give up the truth and just carry on crawl around for days on end wallow in the dirt for a solution the planets of youth are so far away orbiting my head in a dizzy haze itching with the sins of knowing injected with a fear that won't stop growing find peace go insane or a new reason to complain sit up straight act your age when push comes to shove its all the same so heres to dodging bullets emerging unscathed In the face of doubt my fears are frayed around the edges afraid of finding themselves out been gone too long and its obvious these bags under my eyes hasn't accomplished much and I'm sorry but pretending to be strong and brave only gets so far before it gets in the way just get out of my way
Wide Awake 02:16
The front seats are vacant in lovers lane while I'm driving in circles again the be some-bodies are rubbing dead skin and I'm on the outside looking in for every midnight temptation of rotting forbidden fruit can''t count the nights I've been mistaken I'm just another confused youth Hate is wide awake sitting in my ligaments intent to repent stranded standing on a fence trepidation on my breath can't escape the little things that suck like leeches close to me nothings changed still got the same awkward sparks in my brain Spiral mind can't avoid the spin feel more like a walking mannequin than a bleeding heart american wound so tight yet again can't find the time to take my plants and sort them out pleasure in fact they will never leave the ground left alone to my devices I'll explode
Tense and dull disposable forever keep my curtains closed your voice is like static on the radio so I'll close my eyes on the long ride home last years tales are under my nails lost in my lungs as I inhale Roll my dreams headfirst downhill crash and burn I know they fucking will do familiar shivers run down the back of your spine when i tell you I can't relate? ran out of ink attempting to draw the line now I'm afraid I can't escape Nothing to do but wait for you nothing to do but play my second fiddle born to lose yesterday's news cry baby middle class white boy blues this story told is growing mold so I'll fabricate a righteous coat parade it around your funeral in hopes this pulse won't slow Got a couple years to go in the ritual of leaving home How does it feel to have the worlds shortest fuse? I see your match in hand it's futile to diffuse and it's smoking black tip toe around my brain and skull deep breaths before I run in circles or scale the wall Just you wait and see tomorrow is what they all say walk around with your shirt tucked in and tomorrow is what they all say I can't wait to see your face tomorrow don't wanna walk down a road of image control I'm letting go I'll surely loose control don't want another one They come knocking at my door like another faceless stranger in an unending war.
Scapeghost 02:20
Yeah the monarchs in the teeth of the van ride for free while the other half of me is fighting sleep mother nature please let the whites of my eyes be seen because a world this deceiving won't believe in me I can't blame it on you scapeghost I can't place the blame watched the paint dry about a million times read the palms of young girls between the lines carried the weight of Jesus Christ would you believe that im still bored with life? Twiddled my thumbs for entire days stayed up all night and no one came sold my soul paid the price would you believe that im still bored with life? The elephants in the attic are kicking dust up again creating twisters on my bed second guessing all my friends in the end art can only be so close to the heart before it beats you back to the start I can't blame it on you scapeghost. I can't place the blame.
Step into a world of digital desire I am force fed a silicone dream born and bred to crunch a number my nerves are getting the best of me I am such a machine head like a hole in the middle of the earth when it gets hot I can't help but lose control when the only way out is like fort knox nothing can be said that hasn't already been thought about the serpents on the surface when our backs our turned and if I go blind, I'm blaming it all on you before you have the chance to run and theres nothing you can do but cough up a lung or stick around the clock wasn't the only thing ticking down and theres no use in hiding it now only a matter of time before it all goes south its just a stones throw, so I'll wind up and let it go lord knows you keep me on hot coals over the years I've learned to let it go do you exist or are you just the lines in the road? childhood fears that never grow old between my teeth that stink with every word I speak stuck in a future so bleak I'm blaming it all on you before you have the chance to run and theres nothing you can do but cough up a lung or stick around I'm not sticking around to watch you falling down
Ringer 02:11
Whats it like to live a dog eared life? to shake the hand of everyone you bite? silent like a martyr in the hands of a mother a violent growling hunger that leaves you keeling over transparent as a stranger brushing against your shoulder confined and endangered with a fear of growing older and its dragging me down like a stick in the mud I'm bruised with a frown because I'm holding a grudge you know you're better off better off not saying a word just let the currant pass you by you know you're better off not taking it to your grave just lay down and let it die and its holding me down like a stick in the mud I'm bruised with a frown because I'm holding a grudge but I won't hold it for long I'm born again ringing out I'm ringing loud this time around day in, day out
Toss/Turn 02:06
All this cursing the morning light has paid off just fine shut my blinds like a guillotine and I'm split in half inside practicing a sort of solitude brought on by all of you feel the weight of life crack the staircase and crack the door to my room this afternoon so this is what its like breaking your back nine to five and all you have to show is a thorn in your side tonight I'd like to feel more alive for all the nights that I chose to stay inside alright just to go outside is a tedious dream hellbent to rewind you're right, you say the future is so bright it burns my eyes there is a boneyard in my heart of regrets I can't forget obsessed with rising with the sun has left its rays burnt in my neck because the fear of a stagnant life is what gets me out of bed but on nights like this I know I should have tossed and turned instead
You can't look back in anger you can't look back at all how dare you face the music or still have the nerve to take the fall no one will hear it won't be near to witness I'll never feel safe with you breathing down my neck inanimate inhumane bloodthirsty can't complain static sense of wandering interest drained in everything how can you build anything with fists like bricks?
Sore Throats 02:20
So this is what you get for crying out loud A whole in your pocket and a pin drop silent crowd To break what you had left of the tie that got you wound So here’s to looking back on a world that brings me down Never has the ringer been so rewarding Like the feeling of being choked is what kept you going Pushing forward and the potential kept growing and growing And all the wrong buttons were the ones always glowing You wonder why we never stopped slowing And you wonder why I can’t stand second place.
Obsidian 03:11
This city's spit is on the tip tip tip of my tongue My stinging wit tells me I've had enough of gypsy punks The crackheads and drunks I avoid on my rides home at dusk Claustrophobic rust has got me feeling a little stuffed up They glare through me with their obsidian vision and I can't help but Itching on the inside at their broken wises I need primordial peace To take my mind off the street Before I boil over I just need some room to breathe Whats the use in Wheres the sense in I get so lost in judging every passerby Counterproductive Bad intentions Obsidian Losing compassion is the biggest fashion trend in the years Found enough deception to fill the void been left by my peers Watch the hours pass and hold them like a souviner Crack the hourglass just to hear the sand spill out my ears I hear the sand spill like a landfill of time Stuck in a standstill Its easy to see I've got no patience for complacency Can't hold a candle in the corridoors of my disease What I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry for making a mess Wont do it anymore
Empty Nest 02:19
The ice will melt in due time and I'll be sitting in the sunshine thawing out alone, repulsed you can find me walking that straight line succombe, head down, hands tied waiting at the stop light tired in limbo oh, giving in never felt so gross you can see it written all over my face the words that were never spoke always fall right into place I was on the prowl like a wide eyed bird of prey for something new to tell the truth search up and down my vertebrae for insults damaged black and blue will I ever retain anything new? tired of life under the gun never worth my salt from the wounds I have long forgot filling in the space with a brain so out of place now solitude is a dark room with windows wide open I let the air flow in I let the blood flow out I'm flowing out


released June 28, 2013


all rights reserved



Don't Look Down San Francisco, California

A record label based in San Francisco. Run by friends for friends.

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